New Years Eve 2014

Chef Sawyer is in the kitchen and things are going to get crazy tomorrow night for New Years Eve! This menu is out of control. 

For last minute availablity please call 216-421-2900 to reserve a seating. 

Roman Money
Lentils a Traditional Harbinger of Good Fortune for The Coming Year

White Truffle Stracciatella Romana
Semolina, Brodo, Parmesan & Farm Egg Bottarga

Olive Oil Cold Poached Salmon
Pickle Brined Potato, Hydro Watercress, Smoked Trout Roe Caviar & Krauti

Conifer Roasted Live Bay Scallop
Mushroom Catsup, Pine Essence, Folded Pastry Dough & Lemon

Tsar Imperial Ceasar Salad
Puffed Parmesan, Brioche, Little Gems, Cavier & Anchovy Bianco Dressing

Black Buttered Lobster
Parsnip, Vanilla & Caviar

Glazed Lamb Sweet breads
Vintage Mediera, Dry Ohio Morel & Black Truffle
- or -
Foie Gras Torchon
Honeyed Pistachio, Chewy Beets & Isaac Newton Apple

Egg Yolk & New Olive Oil Tajarin Pasta
Black Truffle & Herbs

45 day Aged Venison Rack & Leg ala Corda
Painted Plate, Ash Roasted Eggplant & Peppers
        - or -
Tasting of Suckling Pig
Twice Cooked Fennel, Head Cheese & Moustardo

Champagne Sorbetto

Chocolate on Chocolate on Chocolate on Edible Gold
- or -
Zabaione & Coffee

Tyrolean Grosti Grazzi